Thursday, June 8, 2017

Finance Problem

For income in my old age I'd built a nice cozy group of municipal bonds -- they pay low interest rates, but they're pretty reliable and the dividends are free from income tax.  And I don't have to think about them, which is great these days when I seem to be a lot less capable of thinking.
Starting last January, though, some of those bonds are being called in, for some reason I don't even want to try to understand
-- and I'm left with cash to re-invest. 
When I ask for investment advice, the kids are no help at all. 
Well, full disclosure, actually I did get an opinion from my son in Vancouver, who says
"There's a good mutual fund that specializes in marijuana, but I'm afraid you can't buy it in The States."

*note: "to serve you better" my server has upgraded me and I can no longer figure out how to get pictures on this post.  I used Google to find some lovely ones -- the Canadian flag with its maple leaf replaced with a sprig of marijuana, for example -- but I can't post it.  If anyone out there feels helpful, it'd be much appreciated.