Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Ain't he cute ?!!

So I just came out here to send the kids the usual "I survived the night" email, glanced out at the feeders and what to my wondering eyes did appear but this guy having a fine breakfast on $3.99 a pound peanuts from Wegmans.  Nice way to start the day.  Nothing I can do but watch from in here -- Companion not due till Friday afternoon.   

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Duck Update

     Okay, it's 4 pm on Tuesday, and here's a report for those who have been asking if the Misguided Mallards are still wasting their valuable nesting time in that shrinking puddle at the rear of this suburban back yard. 
     I hadn't seen either one for several days, and then just a few minutes ago there was the male alone, standing tall and absolutely still, watching the house.  Just standing stock-still.
     I couldn't figure out why -- and then, waddling back from the spilled birdseed under my window, came his mate.  They're both still with us! and he'd been watching her.
     By the time I got the camera out again, she'd made it almost all the way back -- and she's such a camouflaged dullness that you'll have trouble finding her.  Try for that little grey spot above the center there.  He, evidently reassured that she was obeying his summons, had already returned to the puddle--if there still is a puddle.  Hard to tell from here, and I can no longer walk to find out.
      If this actually results in ducklings, it'll be a first, in the more than 60 years I've been watching this backyard.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Breaking News from the Obits

     This morning's obits lists a man who "passed away on the age of 60, surrounded by his family and friends."  Not right of course -- my kids are all older than that and they're still kids.
     But anyhow, what I started to tell you is that he is survived by "his wife Mary Ellen...his daughter Melissa...his son Brian..., daughters Naomi...and Michele..."   There's a story back of that, one suspects, but again I digress. 
      Nine grandchildren are listed, all with interesting names ----MacKenzie, Bethanie, Morgan, Cooper,... but anyhow, what I wanted to tell you is that 
     in addition to a long list of close friends, he is survived by
four dogs, a cat, and a rabbit.