Friday, September 19, 2014

Down but Up to Date

Fully certified by the Green Burial Council!
At the OASIS senior center I recently finished a four-session course? -- workshop? -- seminar? (I dislike that latter term) -- at any rate, it was about Cemeteries and was more fascinating than you might imagine.  We ended up with a bit about the latest movement, which is known as  Green Burial.  It omits lots of traditional funeral stuff, including memorial stones.  So what if you want to find Grampa's last resting place and commune with him for a bit?   That's easy -- you will have his
                                                    GPS co-ordinates.


  1. Edward's and my last wishes are to be cremated and then returned to one of our own compost heaps. Of course, in the case of the last survivor, this will depend on the goodwill of whoever buys our property (or whoever else can be persuaded to incorporate us into the garden). Is this a question that's ever come up for you in the "House Calls" mailbag?

  2. On our last morning in Italy we visited the Jewish cemetery in Pisa. I do find cemeteries fascinating, although I realize they are a waste of precious real estate! CMS