Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Apologies All Around

When I started a few years ago, I assumed there should be a post every day, then dropped back to every other day, then realized I don't have brilliant ideas even three times a week.  But for those of you who worry -- I'm just fine.  No idea why the hiatus this month.
As for what's going on -- I'll append a picture I just took and apologize for that also.  It's taken with a really old digital camera, not a lot of pixels, through a picture window, the zoom set as far as possible, my hands not all that steady --  and the bird is tiny.  But it's delightful to watch that goldfinch ignoring the full bird bath, hanging upside down at the end of the pipe to catch the next fresh drop that develops. 
 Hope you're having as nice a day as the bird and I are.


  1. Maybe he doesn't like getting his feet wet? We leave for Nova Scotia this evening. See you in a couple of weeks! CMS

  2. Delighted to hear that you and the goldfinches are doing fine. My goldies are making little pains in the rear of themselves, as they're pecking at my sunflowers long before the poor flowers have a chance to set seed!

    And one of our late cats was also a stickler for running water. Chequers consistently disdained his water dish in favor of the bathroom faucet; in fact, he used to leap up on the bathroom sink and command us to drip it for him. (Which we did. It's not as if we had a choice.)