Thursday, September 10, 2015

Terminator in Action

At great risk to life and limb, I took six pictures of the yellowjackets swarming in the front shrubs, and this is all I got for my efforts.  You'll have to take my word for it -- they were thick here but they were evidently camera-shy.  As proof I submit the note left by the mailman (I know, I know, but ours really is a man), who suggested I put back the winter mailbox.  That's the box I nail up by the garage rather than shoveling, when the front walk is blocked by snow.  But I digress.
Those bees were just trying to make a living like everyone else, but of course I did call the exterminator, whom you can see in action here.  Pretty impressive.  Nice guy, too, but  when I photographed him without the disguise I had the video button on, so I can't show you he's perfectly normal.
 I'm left with just one question -- why is this guy called an exterminator?  wouldn't "terminator" do the job?  Doesn't he look like a terminator?

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