Monday, February 29, 2016

Returned Happy

Four different people triumphantly found a 90th birthday card, and all four found the same one.  I've joined such a select percentage of the population that only American Greetings feels it worthwhile to publish a card -- and they offer only one at that.
 My pride in the achievement, of course, is not justified.  All that's required is to breathe in and out approximately 756,864,000 times, according to my old-fashioned on-the-desk calculator.  I forgot to add in for 22.5 leap days, but then again, I didn't subtract for the two minutes or so when I can't breathe during  laryngal spasms.    
     There was a time back in  college days when I wrote greeting card verses for 50 cent a line -- not that bad
when minimum wage was 43 cents an hour.  This card says  "Ninety years of memories must hold so much for you."  I don't know what someone got for writing it, but clearly it's someone who doesn't know much about being 90.  I don't remember a damn thing any more.  The Birthday Scrapbook everyone helped Anna assemble is full of delightful memories (no one sends anything to a Birthday Scrapbook but delightful memories) and they're a great gift because they're mostly things I've forgotten.
  Many Happy Returns
        to all of you!


  1. We had a wonderful time. You need to change your little bio on the right side of the page, BTW.

  2. You're right, but I don't know how to!!

  3. The "About Me" feature (with your bio) is one of those doodads you get into through Blogger Dashboard. In a pinch, Lisa B. or I can help you out (just drop us a private email).

    And it looks from the photos as if you were thoroughly wined, dined, and feted over the weekend. Cheers!

  4. Happy 90th Birthday, Edith! You are a delight to know. Keep the musings and reminiscences coming for your devoted fans. Sending love and best wishes for a wonderful year.

  5. Looks like a wonderful day, which is what I wished you to have, and what you deserve! Much love Connie