Monday, May 9, 2016

Non- Mothers' Day Report

This year I didn't even have to tell the kids they should ignore Mothers' Day.  I resent the idea that people must hop to just because Hallmark wants them to get sentimental (AT&T doesn't care any more), and I figure the family knows that by now.  They also know I don't want more stuff.  Just as strong as the young nest-building urge to accumulate, is today's urge to Get Rid of Stuff.
* Saturday the mail brought a gift card to -- McDonald's!  Who knew McDonald's had gift cards?  In case you're curious -- here's what mine looks like.
* Sunday it just so happened that everybody phoned or skyped, and I'm pleased to report no one even mentioned Mothers' Day!
* Monday the florist was at the door.  Our local Lilac Festival is in full swing, but the lilacs aren't really open yet, so these were particularly welcome.

Note -- no gifts on M__ D__!  
And all satisfactorially evanescent. 
I do have a fine family.


  1. Love that word evanescent. Those flowers are gorgeous! From Anna and co.? I had a fine day with my girls. I like to get some work out of them in honour of the day - usually gardening help. Got all the flowers and herbs planted out. Also had a lovely brunch prepared by Miri. So, Happy M_ D_!

  2. Lilacs are opening in Syracuse this afternoon in the unaccustomed warmth. I trust yours in Brighton/Rochester are doing the same.

    And, with the lilacs as my guide, I'm bringing the tomatoes and other tender seedlings out for a series of airings to get used to natural light and real-world conditions. Eight different types of tomatoes, including two cherry varieties this year, "Sweetie" and "Tommy Toe." (Lord knows who picks these variety names. I disclaim personal responsibility. But I hope to bring you samples of both in August.)