Saturday, April 22, 2017

Have a Nice Day

 After skipping several monthly tests, yesterday I finally remembered to make a routine check of  the panic button I wear around my neck. 

Remembering how loud the other alarm -- the door/window thingie -- is,

I scooted not too close to that little speaker box in the living-room, pressed my button, and was rewarded with an immediate “EMERGENCY EMERGENCY” from the little box.


Then I scooted up next to it, waiting for a human voice to come on and ask what was the matter.  And just at the instant when that happened, I had – for the first time in more than a year –

 a sudden spasm of the larynx.

Unable to breathe, unable to speak.

In the past there’s been instant panic thinking I’d die, but this time it was instant panic thinking I couldn't answer. I pictured firemen breaking down my front door.  Thought if I did die at least they would find me.

Meanwhile for some reason the Voice went away, total silence.  I struggled for air and then the Voice came back and asked again.  By that time I was able to whisper “I’m okay”.  Couldn’t believe the Voice would hear it, but It said something along the lines of “Have a nice day” and vanished.  By which time I was breathing again.

Not all that much drama in life lately, but you’ve got to admit there’s excitement every now and then.



  1. omg please dont make up for the lack of drama in your life with too much more DRAMA!!!! scary! and one would think The Voice might be suspicious of a whispered "I'm okay' and press a little further. Glad all is fine now.

  2. What Georgina said. Yikes!! Take care!

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