Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Duck Update

     Okay, it's 4 pm on Tuesday, and here's a report for those who have been asking if the Misguided Mallards are still wasting their valuable nesting time in that shrinking puddle at the rear of this suburban back yard. 
     I hadn't seen either one for several days, and then just a few minutes ago there was the male alone, standing tall and absolutely still, watching the house.  Just standing stock-still.
     I couldn't figure out why -- and then, waddling back from the spilled birdseed under my window, came his mate.  They're both still with us! and he'd been watching her.
     By the time I got the camera out again, she'd made it almost all the way back -- and she's such a camouflaged dullness that you'll have trouble finding her.  Try for that little grey spot above the center there.  He, evidently reassured that she was obeying his summons, had already returned to the puddle--if there still is a puddle.  Hard to tell from here, and I can no longer walk to find out.
      If this actually results in ducklings, it'll be a first, in the more than 60 years I've been watching this backyard.


  1. Ducky ducky news! Go, Misguided Mallards!!

    My own wildlife news is a little less benign, as a Wotten Woodchuck (pardon my inner Elmer Fudd) has just set up housekeeping in my back 40, and the local Bambis are still stalking about. The Boss and I have spent parts of the last two days putting up our seven motion-activated sprinklers to try to discourage them all. Stay tuned.

    But to offset the varmint news, the historic apple tree in a neighbor's front yard is blooming great guns. This tree is a survivor of the days when this entire part of Syracuse from East Genesee St. to Erie Blvd. was apple orchard, and it must be 100 years old if it's a day. As you'd say yourself, Edith, "There's a dance in the old dame yet."

  2. Wildlife news from the wild, wet, west coast - last week our friends across the street watched as a cougar took their pet cat at 5 AM. Cougar sightings are definitely on the rise in the past couple of years. I am pretty blase about bears now, but cougars are scarier!