Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breaking News

I try to post every other day, but this won't wait!
Even if you haven’t been watching the Redtail Hawks' nest at Cornell, I think you need to see what happened yesterday when the second of the three chicks, now as large as their parents, ventured out along the floodlight tower that holds the nest.  The oldest baby had already taken a first flight, but this one hadn’t yet.  So here are the exciting moments, as watched live by thousands of viewers around the world, who had followed these hawlets from before the first egg laying.

and if you want to try catching the third one's maiden voyage  in real time, you can always take a look at -- but better do it pretty promptly.  What’s great about these two webcams is that they’re being controlled live by ornithologists who have those cameras chasing the new hawks around the campus to see where they land and what they look like after their first flights.



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  1. I watched that video this noon (wasn't on live at the time because of work) and almost had a heart attack. The poor moderators on the chat list must have had an awful time keeping the chatters from panicking.

    And the Cornell cams (and others like them) are especially wonderful for those of us who are debarred by physical difficulties from more active birding. The hawk cam certainly saved my sanity last year when I was recovering from knee surgery.