Saturday, August 2, 2014


So Thursday morning I went to a free Health Fair sponsored by Assemblyman Joe Morelle(what that means about his involvement I don't know; he wasn't there, but that's him in b&w on the brochure.)  It  was just around the corner and offered a chance to get a blood pressure reading (I'm experimenting with meds at the moment.)  Should have skipped breakfast -- there was a fine buffet set up in the back of the auditorium, fruit, bagels, the works.
Around the hall I picked up all sorts of stuff from the exhibitors -- imprinted pens, of course, Hershey kisses, and lots of leaflets.  What I wanted to show you was one booklet I brought home.  With a mournful mauve cover, this publication from the Federal Trade Commission seems to consist mostly of  "the funeral director must inform you..." and "don't let anyone tell you..." and "if they don't display the less expensive caskets, ask..."  But what made me chuckle was the sticker on the front cover.  I've met Representative Louise Slaughter, a cheerful capable woman of what seems even to me like advanced age, and I wonder if she really knows which publication received her sponsorship.  And if she does -- somehow "Best Wishes" doesn't seem like exactly the right sentiment here.  I've been trying to think what she might have said instead, but I'm not getting very far with that.


  1. Funny you should have brought this up today. I was just on the Syracuse Chiefs website checking the game schedule and promotions for the upcoming fortnight (the neighbors and I are in our usual dilemma--there's only a month of AAA baseball left, and we still have a lot of tickets remaining in our annual ticket books). This promotion for Wed 8/13 caught my eye and held it for a while: the "Celebration of Life" Funeral Giveaway by a local funeral home. At a baseball game??? (This may give new meaning to the term "passed ball"!)

    1. My husband just read this and adds: "Three strikes and you're out" may also apply here.

    2. Don't discuss mystery novels with this funeral director. He gives away the plot.

      Meg L