Saturday, October 18, 2014

Today's Fun

As I may have mentioned, I’m clearing out old papers, and a couple of weeks ago I found this 1876 document.  No idea when or how it came into my possession but I know why I kept it – it’s about a mortgage loan between
                                      DARIUS PALMER
and – here’s where it gets really delightful –
                               COLUMBUS LOVELY.
Also enjoyable -- that semi-literate addendum extending the loan.  It contrasts nicely with the law clerk’s more polished wording and penmanship but I guess it got the job done.
There is, of course, no reason to hold on to this but I couldn’t bear to throw it out, so I posted it on eBay ten days ago.  As the folded document fits nicely in a one-stamp envelope, I even offered Free Shipping. 
       There was just one bid, there’s just one person in the world who wants this, and today they found him !!   He lives in Levittown, PA. 
       My Paypal account (so handy for Internet shopping) is all of $5 richer.  And -- over the years I’ve had a few interesting chats with eBay buyers, so I emailed this guy to ask if he is by any chance a banker or lawyer who might want to frame this and display it.
       If you’re not using eBay, you’re missing some fun and games.  Trust me – it’s user-friendly.  If I figured it out you can too.  I never even had to consult a grandchild.


  1. First, Mazel Tov on selling anything on eBay recently! All the thrift shop bloggers I read who are trying to make a modest income from eBay sales are moaning about the lack of action.

    And, second, I understand your appreciation of the "semi-literate addendum." I possess a letter written to one of my great-great-grandmothers by a cousin in Scotland, and whatever Cousin John was teaching at his school near Glasgow, it sure wasn't English composition. Parts of the letter read as if he'd copied them from some version of the Elegant Extracts, and the rest of it is decidedly free-form. But my favorite part is the address: "Miss E--- R---, [name of town], County Michigan, America."

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