Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gentleman's Agreement -- p. s.

Forgot to mention -- three things  I noticed, watching that 1947 movie:
* Women were pushing baby carriages on the sidewalk -- what ever happened to baby carriages?  or as they may have called them there in New York City, baby buggies? When's the last time you saw one?
* The exquisitely dressed Fashion Editor on the magazine was wearing huge shoulder pads.  What ever happened to them?  When's the last time you heard the words "shoulder pads"?
* And the one that moved me to write to you:  elderly mother has heart attack at home.  Doctor comes to the house  -- and that's not even the part I wanted to share with you.  Doctor steps out of her bedroom to son waiting in the hall.  Doctor says "I think with rest and..."  pause  "...quiet, that she'll pull through." 
What I wanted to tell you was what Doctor did in that pause before sharing the good news.
He lit a cigarette.


  1. Edith..your observations are brilliant! ..thanks for sharing them with us...aren't memories of days gone by so comforting..but we must adjust I guess.
    I am from English roots..we called them prams. Silver Cross was like the Cadillac of prams. You felt like you had a "little prince" when walking the baby.
    Carry On are an inspiration!

  2. Edward and I once did a count, while watching Casablanca, of the number of drinks Victor Laszlo is offered the first evening he and Ilsa come to Rick's. We concluded that if Laszlo had actually had time to finish all those, Captain Renault would have had to roll him out of there. The number of times Rick, Laszlo, Renault, and others light cigarettes is probably beyond calculation.