Saturday, February 7, 2015


It’s so great being snowbound, haven't left the house for more than a week.  That orange juice day I stocked up on bread, milk and Cherry Garcia. Phone still working so I cancelled a doctor appointment (nothing pressing -- dermatologist -- “patients never die and they never phone you in the middle of the night”), didn't attend that movie in the Holocaust series, dropped out of the Museum course on art appreciation (too hard keeping up as the class walks anyhow), cancelled the seniors lunch, nothing to do but stay in bed watching movies and feeling guilty about not doing the income tax. Didn't transfer the winter car into the garage in time, so there's another excuse for holing up.  And we've another big snowstorm predicted.
My only regret was that nothing was happening, so I had nothing to tell you. But adventures come to those who wait.  Today's newspaper shows this in the next town over and I thought you'd enjoy seeing it --
So anyhow -- I don’t shovel the front walk, instead I put up a winter mailbox by the garage. Don't use the front door.  But I happened to open it today, and here's what I saw:
Do you supose that means there's something I should do about something? about the gutters? the soffit? the roof?
I'm not going to.

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  1. So, are you still housebound? Enquiring minds need to know! And a movie list, please! CMS