Thursday, May 14, 2015

At Ease

Reading the obits as usual -- last Sunday it appeared the Greatest Generation is leaving the room in formation.  These obits mentioned the Battle of the Bulge, the beaches of Normandy and Iwojima ...  these are, after all, the ones who came home.

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  1. "Pass in review" for most of the remaining WWII generation, I'm afraid. Hats off to you, guys (and the few gals).

    And hats off to my own dad (d. 2002), a Captain in the Army Air Corps. To his bitter regret, he couldn't qualify as a pilot because of vision problems, and he spent the war stateside--but he joined the AAC the summer before Pearl Harbor, rose through the ranks via Officer Candidate School (Clark Gable was in the class ahead of his), and did his duty faithfully throughout.