Saturday, May 23, 2015

Live Long and Prosper!

Full disclosure -- I stayed in bed till noon yesterday.  I'm sure you'll understand when you hear that cable was showing Zefferelli's Romeo and Juliet.  I may have reported before -- my friend Dottie's review after she saw that movie in 1968:  "The theatre was full of 14-year-old girls, they were all crying, and I sat there wishing that for once those kids wouldn't die."
Turns out that in the 18th century, the play was indeed turned into an opera with a happy ending.  
        At any rate, this time around I suddenly noticed a line I'd overlooked before -- Romeo's admonition  to Balthasar -- "Live and be prosperous!" 
 I'd always known that Leonard Nemoy was thinking of the traditional priestly blessing when he suggested the Vulcan salute.  
Never thought to wonder, though, about the source of the phrase that went with it.  Shakespearean!  Classy!
     For that matter, King Lear was often played, for the first few  centuries, in a happier version cobbled together by a guy named Nahum Tate.  He kept many of  Shakespeare's lines, but put together a satisfying denoument, in which poor Cordelia gets to marry Edgar and King Lear is restored to his throne. 

Astronaut's salute when Nimoy died. 
Thumb points to Cape Cod, btw.

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