Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Feel Sad, Feel Happy

Still feeling bad about that mouse.  It was, after all, merely trying to make a living like anyone else.  I’d like to think Rex released it, but I don’t want to ask.   Hate this kind of thing.  When I find a spider in my morning bathtub and automatically squash it, that means  the day has started with a small death.  Easy to sound remorseful, but of course that doesn’t keep me from squashing. 
So on a more cheerful note:
As a real estate writer I’m on too many public relations mailing list s, and hit “unsubscribe” regularly, but I must share with you the pr release that came in this morning:
Hi Edith,
I noticed you report on real estate so I wanted to introduce myself.
My name is Derek Peterson and I am the CEO of Terra Tech -- an urban agricultural company that's purchasing greenhouse space across the country in anticipation of the full legalization of marijuana.
If you're ever working on a story about the marijuana business real estate market, please let me know and I would be happy to provide you with some insight. You can reply to his email or contact my publicist Brian Sonenstein at
Take care,
Derek Peterson
Terra Tech CEO

Derek Peterson is the founder and CEO of Terra Tech, a publicly traded urban agriculture  company focused on local farming and medical cannabis. The company began in 2010 and has been featured by National Geographic, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Huffington Post, CNN and more. After a decade of working in investment banking, Peterson learned in late 2009 that a friend's marijuana dispensary was clearing $18 million a year, dwarfing Peterson's $300,000 to $400,000 annual salary at Morgan Stanley. Rather than joining another Wall Street firm, Peterson decided to get serious about weed and took the company public in early 2012. The company has grown significantly since then and is currently developing acres of hydroponic greenhouses throughout the country, positioning itself to become a primary player in the commercial cultivation of cannabis in the US. Currently, the company is valued in excess of $100 million and is leveraging its size to aggressively acquire other companies in the cannabis space.
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  1. Ha ha ha. Did you know that in Vancouver now there are more "medical marijuana" dispensaries than there are Starbucks? They will sell you dope if you say your big toe hurts. And they are completely illegal, but they seem to function with impunity. It's very weird. CMS
    p.s. I am very sorry about your mouse. I sympathesize with your dilemma. If Satan were still around you wouldn't have to worry about this!