Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weeping Willow

 Some of you will remember the tree that started falling on the office window two years ago.  When they took it down,  I had them leave the main trunk as a stump, about roof-high, for the convenience of birds who come to the feeders.


It looked wonderful one year later, last June, on the left there -- full of vitality, bravely compensating for the amputation.  But on the right, here's what it looked like yesterday, even after all that rain.  I guess it intends to give up. 
That healthy green fluff  bunched behind its left side is a volunteer sapling of some other species -- looks as if it did quite well over the year.
One door closes, another opens. 


  1. Actually, I don't think this year's photo looks all that bad. Not as fluffy as 2014's, of course, but not bad. I'd vote for leaving the old stump in place until the volunteer is well established, if the volunteer is a species worth preserving (can you get an ID on it?), and then having the stump carefully removed.

  2. I agree wtih A. Marie. It looks to me like Old Faithful has another few seasons in which it will still offer shelter and sustenance to the birds. See you soon! CMS