Friday, October 30, 2015

Problem Solved

The kids don’t seem convinced, when I tell them how much I don’t want any special celebration for my 90th birthday.  Among other reasons, there’s nobody to attend but themselves.  My friends and even my acquaintances have all died, or moved out of town to live near their daughters.  Nor am I happy with the idea of my coast-to-coast family trying to gather up here in Siberia in the dead of winter.  Nor do I have the stamina for much excitement these days.  Nor -- for that matter -- is that the day I want to reach -- I'm aiming for April 1.

But this morning I am excited – if they insist, I’ve found a way for them to mark the occasion!  Look at this headline!

 Queen Elizabeth’s Wardrobe to be Exhibited for 90th Birthday

Come on -- if they’re going to do that about a woman who has worn the same pair of earrings and triple strand of pearls every day for at least the past sixty years!

  I’m busy figuring out which pair of jeans should go on the  poster for Edith's Exhibition.  Possibly the ones that are so old they’re properly called


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  1. Re: Edith's Exhibition: Well, don't leave out that pair of orange high heels that appeared on the blog a while back.

    And re: QEII's Exhibition (or, rather, Exhibitions, since there will be three of them): The one at Buck House is going back into the archives for childhood outfits and teenage costumes from the WWII pantomime benefits in which she and Princess Margaret starred. Tell me you wouldn't queue up (if time, distance, and stamina weren't factors) to see her Prince Charming outfit!