Sunday, November 8, 2015

Bobs and Bathrobes

No more complaining about that empty mailbox.  From now till Christmas, the mailman (as it happens, mine is a man) will be burdened with catalogs.  In the assortment that came yesterday is a new one, definitely on the classy side.  That bathrobe, for instance,  goes for $158. 
     But what I wanted to share with you is the copywriter's paragraph describing the collection of reading glasses shown just above it.  Or, as the copywriter improvises -- eyebobs.

     First of all, there's that mysterious sentence -- "Convertible to prescription by a qualified optician."  That sounds reassuringly scientific, but does anyone know what it might mean?  And  next, we're lacking any indication whether $79 buys one pair or five.  Then the copyeditor waxes mildly poetic naming the frame colors, but forgets to say "specify lens strength."  Perhaps the shipment will include an assortment? -- all the way from 1.25 magnification to 3.0, so you can move along as you start to develop cataracts?
     But my main point, the reason I'm moved to mention all this to you, is that the eyebobs shown are absolutely identical to the reading glasses offered for
                                        $1 plus 8 cents tax
                                     at my local Dollar Store.  
and come to think of it, I'm not sure they charge tax on medical items.


  1. Congratulations as always on your perspicacity! I don't know whether to commend you to my favorite frugality blog or Consumer Reports.

    Also, the mention of "top-grade Italian plastic" in the ad for the $79 bobs reminds me of the time Edward read me an ad for a particularly pricey fountain pen that included a mention of "precious resins." Turned out those were plastic, too.

  2. Good catch/observation. I suppose they can be converted by having taking out the lenses they come with and inserting instead prescription lenses.