Saturday, December 26, 2015

As It Must to All...

I had the unpleasant task, today, of breaking the news to the family.  Our friend Mr. Yukon Gold, whose acquaintance we made while peeling potatoes for 29 diners on Thanksgiving, is no more. 

Alas, poor Yukon!   I knew  him well.


  1. Ah, Mr. Yukon Gold. Survived by Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head and the entire extended Lank family. May he rest in peace (or at least in pieces).

    And re: anthropomorphic veggies, I used to get the most interesting and, well, masculine carrots before I made a concession to advancing age (thinning conventionally grown carrots is back-breaking work) and started growing them in my old Easy Washer copper tub, salvaged from a rental property. The carrots are now much more uniform and much less hilarious. But my back is better.

  2. Seems as if MY mother's washer was an EASY.

    1. I wouldn't be surprised. In fact, I thought you'd remember the brand, which is why I mentioned it. Easy Washers were made right here in Syracuse, and made to last. We took the tub off the frame for garden use. The tub thus far shows only the faintest signs of corrosion--and the frame made our local metal-recycling guy very, very happy.