Monday, December 7, 2015


     Finally, a picture of The Queen with a closeup of  Those Earrings she's worn every day for more than half a century.      This won't interest anyone but myself, but I just have to share the information.  I've always figured the pearls hung from little diamonds, but I wasn't sure about size.     I append a portrait from 1964 -- and the recent one that settles the matter.  Now for something else to obsess about.



  1. From your fellow Royals obsessor (yes, you have at least one):

    According to Leslie Fields's book The Queen's Jewels, these are "Queen Mary's Button Earrings." They were presented to Princess May of Teck (as she then was) at the time of her 1893 marriage to the future George V by a committee of "Ladies of Devonshire." Queen Mary in turn gave the earrings to our present Queen as part of her wedding gift package when Elizabeth married Philip in 1947.

    And you're absolutely right that QEII seems to wear these earrings and that three-strand pearl necklace (her gift from Grandpapa George V for his Silver Jubilee in 1935) oftener than any other jewels. I'd be willing to place a small bet that she keeps those on her bedside table.