Wednesday, March 23, 2016


  Hip a bit touchy this morning but I know how to make it happy.  Pills first, then a nice balanced breakfast to get them going -- egg salad sandwich, strong tea, tangerine.
     Just about empty the hot water heater filling my deep Soaking Tub, take off the necklace with the panic button and tuck it on the bath tray next to the book rack.  I'd like to send you a picture of that well-equipped bath tray, which also holds some zippy reading glasses from the Dollar Store, but this morning, for some reason, the computer didn't want to recognize the digital camera. 
     Anyhow, add on the portable phone -- don't want to miss out if I'm selected to receive a free weekend in the Bahamas -- and a little cup full of jelly beans from that big birthday-present jar.
     Then I mentally thank Norm for insisting, years ago, that we put in grab bars when we re-did this bathroom.  And I settle down, warm, well-fed and feeling no pain, nibbling the first jelly bean, to continue re-reading
                                       Primo Levi's
                         Survival in Auschwitz


  1. I assume you are out of the bath by now. Hope it helped the hip. Do you get pruney when you read in the tub? I know I do. I keep adding more hot water by turning the tap with my foot. I can be there for an hour or more!

  2. (1) Grab bars in the bathroom are a must. I know I'm in the next generation down from you, but they're still a must. (Don't forget I've got a partially replaced knee and am accident-prone. At the time of the knee replacement, Edward installed a set of grab bars that King Kong could use without too much trouble.)

    (2) And I do get it about the cognitive dissonance. Every time I am tempted to be dissatisfied with my life, I remind myself of various books I've copyedited about the Third World. (My employers publish mainly mental health texts for mental health professionals, but they also have a flourishing sideline in geography.)