Friday, March 11, 2016

Tell It Like It Is

You will remember I commented, a few weeks ago, that four well-wishers who wanted to send a 90th birthday card all ended up with the same one -- I was proud to speculate that we nonegenarians are so rare it's worth putting only one card on the market. That commercial card, the one with the candles, spoke admiringly of 90 years of memories, and  was probably written by someone who doesn't know much about old folks, because lately I can't remember a thing.
But wait--there's more! 
The mail person has brought a hand-made greeting from Jeannie.
This card, the one with the balloons, has a different take on the achievement. "Welcome to the 90s club" she says " Except for parts wearing out, it is not so bad..."
                                          Damn straight
                                                               as the kids used to say in the '60s.

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