Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Balanced -- and a Bargain!

      As a public service, today's post is all about a perfectly balanced bargain meal --and  one that can be eaten without having to leave the driver's seat.  For your reading pleasure I append a McDonald's check and here's your script:
      First, you drive up and order a "small cheeseburger".  Right there is your dairy and your protein. 
     Then you ask for a "senior coke".  (I know, I know, but I need the caffeine these days and I don't drink coffee.)
Besides, I want to alert those of a respectable age -- did you know you can get a full-size drink for 79 cents?... or even 69 cents? (read on)  You just have to ask.
    Then, because the chopped onions on that cheeseburger don't really provide enough fruit-and-vegetable component -- and because I've eliminated the pickle and the ketchup, which you may remember Reagan (was it?) classified as a school lunch vegetable...
   ...it's prudent to end the meal with a hot apple pie.
   Yes, this nicely balanced meal can be had for just three dollars,
   If you go to store #32511 instead of store # 4789, you save a penny on the cheeseburger, the coke is ten cents less, the pie is a real bargain and the tax becomes only twenty cents.  

  A third MacDonald's had even different pricing, but I can't seem to find the check.  At any rate -- here's your well-balanced meal for

       We're Lovin It!



  1. Your Mickey D's jeu d'esprit reminds me of a conversation my mother once had with our pediatrician, concerning her offspring's collective failure to eat much besides peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The good doctor's reply was "Stop worrying. They're getting protein, fat, and carbohydrates." (And, justifying his confidence, all four of us made it to reasonably robust adulthood.)

  2. This makes me want to stop at McDonald's on the way home from St. John Fisher today. I think I shall - I'll let you know how this menu comes out at the Pittsford branch.

  3. OK...but PLEASE: don't eat and drive!!! Either picnic in the parking lot or take it home!