Saturday, January 28, 2017

Here's a First!

Could it have been half a century ago that Anna made paint-by-number portraits of The Beatles?
 I guess if you live long enough (and I have) what goes around comes around.
At any rate, here's what the magazine from Cornell Ornithology looked like in the mailbox yesterday --
and when the outside cover was removed -- 
So I'm curious -- is this indeed a first, or has anyone already received a magazine with this kind of embellishment for your coloring pleasure?


  1. I wonder if that painting might be of value?

  2. I wonder if that painting might be of value?

  3. Anna: Paint-by-numbers are starting to enjoy some modest collectible popularity--and paintings of the Beatles might do well! Check it out on eBay, etc.

    Edith: I was startled by the Living Bird cover myself when I received my issue, but I think it's a response to the current craze for adult coloring books. At any rate, it's a fun idea.

  4. Yes, adult colouring books are all the rage. It's supposed to relieve stress, I believe. The cousins started colouring together up at camp as small children, and they still do it. : )