Monday, October 7, 2013

Bugs and Art

So what ever happened to bedbugs?  Or for that matter, to grafitti?  These days the front pages are full of stuff like Government Shutdown and Entangling Foreign Misadventures, but I remember a time when the news was totally absorbed in the threat of bedbugs taking over our world.  So what happened?  Surely bedbugs didn’t just go extinct?  

And – it might have been decades before that – we kept hearing about society's desperate battles against grafitti on buildings, railroad cars, walls, highway signs -- and then disputes about whether we were dealing with eyesores or Art. So did it just vanish?  No grafitti in the Breaking News that streams across our screens these days.
But there is one I do remember fondly from way back in the 40s - and you can still see it today, on the World War II memorial in Washington.


  1. I'm afraid what's happened with both bedbugs and graffiti is that both have become routine annoyances in our usual way of life. On a recent visit to NYC (May 2012), I saw a truck for a firm specializing in bedbug removal--parked in front of a building near Madison Ave., yet. And graffiti doesn't seem to make the news any more unless it's particularly offensive and/or slapped across a particularly public building or monument. Sad.

  2. I was bitten by bedbugs in two hostels in Paris. Don't worry, they're definitely still kicking.