Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Disregard the Following

Here's the post I deleted, in case you're interested -- seems a shame to waste the time I spent writing it and stealing the probably-copyrighted illustration.  Always enjoyed that phrase "disregard the following", which I found in Belle What's-her-name's book "Up the Down Staircase" so many years ago.  So please disregard:   

For the past week or so, I've suddenly -- abruptly -- had the feeling that it was time to stop writing this blog.  Couldn't think where the conviction had come from -- just out of the blue.  Woke early this morning, having slept straight through to five o'clock, which is actually pretty exciting, and came out to the office in the dark.  Figured out how to go back and look at the first posts, and to my amazement discovered that the blog started exactly one year ago.  Some sort of subconscious clock that's been ticking off 365 days?

Just turned off the desk lamp because through the window I'm getting sunrise, light spreading behind the willow tree, which, by the way, is bursting out all over in just the few weeks since its amputation.  As I've told you, I identify with that tree.  There's life in the old dame yet.  
Just picked up the little camera to get you a picture of the dawn light spreading behind the tree -- but I can't because all it shows is "change the battery pack".  That seems like yet another message --so cheerio, my friends.  Toujours gai!

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