Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hey, Doris!

The problem is that I live alone – so  I have no one to share with but you when I hit a Hey Doris!.  That,  according to my son the newspaperman, is what one calls the kind of news story that causes the reader to rattle the paper and call out “Hey, Doris – listen to this!”
What I just ran across is not a newspaper article but a  catalog item I absolutely must share,  and there's no one but you to yell to. 
So -- Hey, Doris -- look at this one!  For a reverent way to celebrate the Nativity, buy some stockings for your chair's legs.  


  1. Share away! I know what you mean when living alone, and coming across something you just want to say "Hey..Look this!"

  2. Before I saw this post, my two favorite items of idiotic holiday cheer this season were an infrared imitation fireplace with a widescreen TV on top and a set of pine-scented tree ornaments I saw in a local discount club's flyer. But I believe your chair leg stockings may top even my two contenders. Wonder whether any of our selections will make Dave Barry's annual list?