Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Call for Help

     I’m still sorting the archives in that bottom drawer-- and I ask you -- how can I throw this out?   

    Norm must have been concentrating on something important and yelled at the kids “Not another word out of you!”
     So an aggrieved child (who shall remain nameless) penned this desperate – but somehow dignified – message.


  1. This isn't related to the post, but you might enjoy looking at this site, which posts ads about products marketed to women. Most look like they come from between the world wars, but some are later. Unfortunately, the year of the ad isn't listed:


    This ad for stewardesses shows how much times have changed:


    There's even an ad for Lydia Pinkham's on the site. Hope you enjoy this -- I certainly enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Fascinating site -- thanks for the link.