Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Comedy of Errors

Re previous posting, the one about making a record number of blunders in a single two-hour period:  Son in Vancouver (dlank) immediately commented:   Good one! Now do make a replacement appointment for those eyes...!!!

Having already done that, I took pleasure in answering him by email with a  cryptic 10 am January 17!   
Which brought me an email from daughter-in-law dlank in Milwaukee:   Is this a conversation with David, or something else?
So I’d done it again – mixed up the two dlank addresses and emailed to the wrong one.  Sent her an explanation and an apology: “…and it's ironic,” I wrote, “because the conversation was about blunders altogether.”
And she emailed back: A tad confusing.   If the appt. was rescheduled to the 17th, when was the original appointment that you missed?  The blog implied that you missed an appointment on the 18th.
I answered explaining that the original appointment was indeed on the 17th; I just waited an extra day to post the report.  And then she wrote:  Not to beat a dead horse, but if your original eye appointment was for 10 am, was it just literary license when you posted that you set your cell phone alarm for 12:30 for a 1 pm appointment?  Or was there a calendar problem, as well?
And that’s when I answered  You won't be too surprised that I just noticed we seem to have yet another blunder here.  The original appointment, the one I walked out on, was indeed for 1 pm on the 17th.  The 10 am is for the replacement appointment,  and I meant to email (but typed the wrong date as well as the wrong dlank) -- that it’s for Friday January 31.
 So now, kids, we’ll have ten days of suspense.  Will Edith get it right for the 10 a m appointment a week from Friday?  Stay tuned!

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  1. Mixing the two Dlank addresses is quite forgivable - we should set you up in someway to make that simplier! We do have a shortage of initials in this family, with ALanks and Dlanks!