Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Suggestions Welcomed

Ever since 1976, I've prided myself on answering every letter (email, comment, posting) that comes in from a reader of the real estate column.  Received this one a few minutes ago, just have to share it with someone so you're it.  I'll appreciate any suggestions on how to respond.
Edith, In my dad’s will my brother had 1 yr. to buy the property or put up for sale.  The sale price was 60,000.  My sister was the executor but she took for payment an antique car.  She now says she wants nothing more to do w/caring about anything. It has been well over 2 yrs . Now, my other brother says he's giving the brother who wants to buy his money of the sale.  That leaves 2 sisters and 1 brother (plus buyer brother) to divide 60,000.  Buyer says he only has to pay us each 10,000. I don't understand how he could keep 20,000 from sister and brother.  The buyer brother has a business on the property and added quite an addition to it. My dad always paid the taxes and bills for everything.  Two sisters went to the house and took what they wanted (and their kids) and its almost empty. I was under the impression no one touches anything until the estate was settled.  The buyer brother wants to rent out the house also.  There is now arguing with the sister and brother.  Dad did have a lawyer but he will only talk to big sister who has pretty much washed her hands of all. --A. R.
                               I don't blame her.


  1. This sounds like one of those complicated word problems you used to get in Math class. .........Please advise. (CMS)

  2. really. who can follow. A.R. couldnt NAME THE SUCKERS? jeeeesh.

  3. It's letters like this one that cause me to roll my eyes every time certain politicians or religious figures start blathering about the sanctity of family life.