Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday Adventure

Sitting at the computer early this morning I glanced at the calendar and realized I had just time to get dressed and make my Wednesday haircut appointment.  We’re in a thaw so I took out the little yellow Smart --smallest car sold in the U. S.  Got halfway to the hairdresser when it occurred to me this just might be Tuesday.  Tried to remember what happened yesterday, couldn’t.
Pulled in to McDonald’s, asked the girl at the drive-in window what day it was.
She looked only mildly startled, said it was Tuesday and she liked my car.  So I had a fine bacon egg and cheese biscuit and a watery reconstituted orange juice.



  1. The electric smart fortwo is not only the smallest but also the 'greenest' car in America!

    1. A friend has that car -- I've driven it. Smooth as silk, quite a contrast to mine. Comes in a lovely green and white too. But the dealer is 75 miles away and the range for a full charge is 82 miles, so no go.

  2. You would be a lovely person have have come through a drive through :)