Saturday, March 15, 2014

Today's Column

I suspect the copy editors down at the newspaper have no sense of humor.  Some of the most cheerful bits in my real estate column never make it to print.  But this morning's edition had a pleasant surprise -- they left in that second reader question, which I just couldn't resist.  (Friend tells me the Syracuse paper cut it out.)
       In case you're reading this on one of those tiny screens --
the first item is a standard real estate question: when to put the house on the market?  The third one is also routine: could I please explain title, deed, and abstract?  But the one in between clearly came to me by mistake:
    Dear Edith:  As a wedding gift in 1953 we received  a set of 12 Princeton University Wedgewood Collectors Plates.
    At our age with no one to pass them on to we are desirous of selling them.  Therefore, can you please advise possible value and marketability.  Self-addressed stamped envelope is enclosed.  Thank you. -- C. W.
   Answer:  It looks like you sent your question to the wrong newspaper columnist -- that does happen.  But I was intrigued anyhow, so I took a look on the auction site eBay, where it appears that plates like yours sell for about $25 each, sometimes a bit more.
   You're welcome.  
I'll let you know if I hear any comments.  There'll be plenty of socializing over the next few days as I have two more funerals to attend.  Senior living includes the occupational hazard of senior dying.

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  1. The Syracuse Post-Standard, alas, edited out the item about the Princeton plates--but I read it anyway, since I subscribe to your column online via ArcaMax. Great fun.

    And a double alas: Friends of ours who were antiques dealers and sold us a lot of our royal commemoratives used to deal in university collector plates as well, and could have solved the questioner's problem in a heartbeat--but the husband has passed on and the wife isn't selling anything anymore except postcards and other paper ephemera. That china gets heavy after a while.