Monday, June 30, 2014

Model's Adventures Part II

A new edition of that catalog arrived  today, and it's clear that since I last wrote you about this, they've changed camera operators, or dressers, or whoever it is that prepares the models for the sessions.  Instead of everyone wearing an engagement ring (the same engagement ring), this time  we're featuring the same super-cheerful young ladies, but they're clearly Playing Around.

Take this model -- and I show you here on the left that these are all  the same young lady.

 First we see her engaged with a lovely diamond solitaire.
On the next page she's evidently broken things off -- her ring finger is bare.  Or maybe she's just an independent single woman who likes chunky gold jewelry.

And by the last page of the catalog, happy ending -- she's evidently gone back to her husband; check out the wedding ring.  I'm becoming really interested in her adventures -- can't wait to see what happens next time around.


  1. what interests me is the relationship between engagement ring, wedding ring and no ring in terms of what she is the non-engaged woman wearing racier clothing than the engaged woman, who in turn is wearing racier clothing than the married woman? is there a rhyme and reason to who is ringed and who is ringless??

  2. Edith, only you could get an entire melodrama out of what looks like a fairly staid clothing catalogue. Eagerly looking forward to the next installment!