Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Voice of the Chainsaw

is heard in the land, and it wakes me every morning.  The young man who bought the house next door has every right to cut down trees in his back yard, but he doesn't read this blog, so I have every right to share my heartache with you.  With every tree that falls I die a little.
During our first cordial over-the-no-fence chat, the eager householder asked me if it’s true he may cut down whatever hangs over and do I know where the boundary is?  I’m afraid I don’t know, having mostly concentrated on trying to plant stuff that would block his back deck from my office windows…  and maybe my 60-year-old foundation planting hangs over onto his lot?
                                  Oh dear.  Better get out there with a tape measure.

One good thought, though -- maybe he'll get rid of that blue paint?


  1. oh no! does he really want to see into the next street out back? does he not have enough lawn? what's his deal?

  2. indeed...is he thinning or really clearing things out??

  3. Oh Edith! This is so sad. I am sorry. CMS

  4. Argh. As a fellow tree hugger, I feel your pain.

    Fortunately, the owners of the apartment complex right behind our house either haven't noticed or don't care that we are letting our back 40 revert to brush and saplings to screen us from the apartments. Unfortunately, they also don't seem to care that they are renting to lowlifes, which is why we're pursing the back-to-nature solution.

    1. Make that "pursuing" the back-to-nature solution.