Friday, March 6, 2015

I'm Baa..aa..K

Okay, the kids came from both ends of the continent and in-between, we celebrated my birthday (I'm even farther away from 86 now) and they've gone and it's still below freezing and it's still snowing.  Dannie took some better pictures of my icicles.

 Then today the mail brought a copy of the magazine bon appetit.  How to type the name of that magazine, when it likes lower case, and I'm too lazy to find out how to make the acute e?  At any rate, the mailing label says welcome and that I have a  subscription.  
At first glance, I thought the cover featured snakes, but almost immediately I decided those were electric cords.  Then closer inspection revealed that I'm being urged to try for black spaghetti.
    I realize there's no point in featuring Chef Boyardee on the cover of a gourmet magazine.  Of course they have to come up with Something Different.  Still -- black spaghetti?
   But if it was you who sent that as a birthday gift, thank you.
   I guess.


  1. (1) Three hearty huzzahs for your 89th!!!

    (2) I believe that black pasta is made black by putting squid ink into it. I completely concur with your lack of interest.

  2. I hope that your subscription continues to provide a bit of bafflement and amusement. And, no, I am not responsible for the subscription! CMS