Sunday, March 8, 2015

It's still

Still below freezing, still snowing.  Just a week ago I foolishly abandoned my resolution to remain snowbound and left the house.  As this blog is supposed to be about Being Old, I'll report that I tripped at the entrance to the post office, on a mat placed there so one wouldn't trip.  My instant reaction was a triumphant I DIDN'T BREAK ANYTHING -- if you're older than 70, you know how I felt.
For eight days now I've watched this black eye, hoping it would fade before I'm to give a (sold-out!) talk on Tuesday, but not much is happening.  It's suggested I say my husband hit me, but as some of those present may know he died four years ago, that's not going to work.
But back to this unexpected receipt of bon appetit magazine.  I am bemused by a full-page photo of Hearts of Palm and Artichoke Aquachile Negro and then -- whaddye know!

 Here's a perfectly recognizable recipe.  This sandwich uses cheese with an English name, and the bread is -- as it should be -- what my son Dov calls "fluffy".  As usual, they have to do Something Different, and this time it's spreading the outside of the slices with mayonnaise before grilling on a buttered pan.  Any of you ever done it that way?  Maybe that's the secret of those fantastic ones at the drive-in in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.  I fully intend to try this, as soon as I can get someone to dig out the car -- at the moment I'm out of fluffy bread.
BTW -- can someone tell me how to change the info under my picture?  I'm 89 now and we journalists are sticklers for accuracy.  


  1. Article in today's paper on the new head chef at the uber-posh American Club in Kohler (remember the great wall of toilets?); One of his key pieces of advice was to spread mayo on the outside when making grilled cheese sandwiches.

    " I get a lot of mixed faces when I tell people I make my grilled cheese sandwiches with mayo. What do you mean? On the inside? No, the outside. Put it on the bread.

    I was skeptical when I first tried it. But it makes sense. Mayo is 90% fat. I experimented with different mayonnaises, and Best Foods is the one I found for home. It is more expensive than generic brands, but it has the best flavor."

  2. Re: the black eye: Oy vey! I hope that it doesn't feel as bad as it looks, and that it gets better fast.

    And one doesn't have to be over 70 to get up from a fall exulting, "I didn't break anything!" I'm still 6 months short of 60 and I do that now.

    Re: editing the info under your picture, I think you need to go into Blogger Dashboard, find the link to your personal profile, and get into it that way.

  3. It looks better than it did, actually. Makeup in Your Friend vis a vis Tuesday. You can do it!

  4. We tried the mayonnaise on the outside of the bread the other day - can't say I noticed a tremendous difference. but maybe that's because our bread was whole grain, and not fluffy. ; ) CMS