Thursday, November 12, 2015

Leaves of Grass

Cable this morning had the damnedest movie I’ve ever seen so of course I stayed in bed till almost noon. 
The film involved
Brown University
marijuana (no, not up there, down in Oklahoma)
Walt Whitman
ancient Greeks
the Meaning of Life
prison stabbings
and just when I figured it was a comedy, people started getting killed so quickly I had trouble following the plot.
We even had that classic Hollywood death scene – we could see the blood spreading on the guy’s chest, so what did all the other characters do? 
They laid their hands soothingly on the victim and listened to his dramatic, perfectly articulated Last Words,
no one even trying to stanch the blood.
Meanwhile Susan Sarandon and Richard Dreyfuss were pretty much hidden in what amounted to bit parts – so anyhow, did any of you ever see it?



  1. Never heard of it, but you might appreciate this reader review from IMDB (rated 6.5, which is respectable): "The script is noteworthy for its verisimilitude on a wild range of subjects from Socrates to hydroponic marijuana production. "Leaves of Grass" is a profoundly intelligent film made with genuine philosophical insight and laser sharp wit. If you go into this film expecting a stereotypical pot comedy, you're in for a shock. The pacing of the film is excellent, tightening the screws until you're on the edge of your seat. In fact, it's spectacularly tough to write a spoiler-free review of "Leaves of Grass". Ultimately, Norton and Nelson deliver a film that would make the Coen Brothers proud." Would you agree? CMS

  2. Ummm. Somehow, your description of the movie leaves me with no regrets not only that I never saw it, but that Edward and I got rid of cable over a year ago!