Sunday, November 22, 2015

What Paper D'ya Read?

This blog was supposed to be about Getting Old, but I've discovered not all that many old people read blogs.  Most of you are way younger, and so I've been going easy -- but this new development does tickle my fancy and I have to share it with you.
Rather abruptly, I find myself depending on a Rollator, not only the little one in the house, but -- having got up the nerve -- a three-wheeled affair I can store in the car myself and trundle around in public.  I will not call them walkers, which brings to mind those aluminum thingies the old ladies danced with in The Producers.

 At any rate --
Every now and then I wonder, am I just faking?  Couldn't I just straighten up and walk?  And over the past few months, when I get the chance, I ask a Professional.  It's the answers that make me smile.  They remind me of the days when newspapers would offer widely varying  viewpoints, and it all depended on which one you read:
The podiatrist --covered by Medicare! -- says the problem is due to peripheral neuropathy (I do enjoy that term, the way the syllables roll off the tongue) -- my feet just don't feel the floor that much.

The orthopedist says it's because there's no socket left in the right hip. He points to an xray that means nothing to me and says "It's a combination of that and your back."
     At a recent meeting of the Hearing Loss Society of Rochester (why does my son think that's a funny name?) I put the question to our speaker, an eminent neurologist.  It's related to to hearing loss, he said, and tinnitus,  inner ear degeneration, the way you report hearing chimes when you turn your head. 
     Then last week I had a routine call-back with the cardiologist (things are just fine, not to worry) and he said balance problems are a side effect of those blood pressure pills.  But don't stop taking them.  It seems they've moved the goal posts once more and the bp recommendations are lower again.
So it comes back to What Paper D'Ya Read -- and whotthehell, there's a dance in the old dame yet.



  1. Hi, Edith. I like this piece for three reasons. First, it is a very nice summary of the problem with getting coherent medical advice once one start seeing a melange of doctors. It helps if they are all part of the same group, so the reports from all show up on the computer the doctor consults during your visit. Second, it is nice to know that you are getting out and about. Third, I finally figured out that I can post a comment here by clicking on "No Posts". You learn something new every day, don't you? Stay well!

  2. Hmmm.... re: my problems with balance - I had considered my ears and hearing loss as a cause, but I hadn't given my blood pressure meds a moment's thought. Have to ask my doctor about it the next time I see her. Good column! CMS

  3. I've had the same experience with doctors..two different opinions..and all the firends and family who think they know the answers too. Or at least their own theory about the problem and how to fix it.. Too many becomes much too confusing..and doesn't help get to the right answer to the problem..and how to fix it. If you don't know exactly what the problem is or what caused do you go about fixing it. Trial and error it seems..try try this on so on.
    We ourselves are the only ones that can find our own way to manage. And you have done that Edith. Keep on dancing..the rollator can be your partner!