Saturday, July 9, 2016

bird bath videos

It's clear that if I'm going to continue sending you bulletins from the bird bath, I'd better invest in a tripod of some sort.  Do they even make tripods for these little things?  Yes, I see there's a place to screw it in on the bottom.
 Back in the 1960s, when I started substitute teaching -- first earnings since all those babies, except for the occasional magazine article -- Norm said (we were a different generation, you understand) -- don't use your money for household expenses, do something special.  So I consulted some Kodak people in the Ornithological Society, and bought a really big long heavy affair,
a tripod, different tripod for the car window, took Kodakcrome slides of course and knew what I was doing when I went after the birds. 
 Now I'm too lazy even to learn the latest little digital cameras --  when I lost my old one I went on eBay to find an identical  "vintage" replacement.  That's by way of apologizing for these videos, the first I've used it for.  But it is fun to see, the way some birds won't drink from the pool, but hover by the pipe to catch the drops.  I wanted to show you the goldfinch and the chickaee, who are more photogenic, but as I complained a few days ago, the more decorative birds are staying away lately. 
Note to self:  at least, learn to turn off camera  before ending shot.                       


  1. The videos are charming, Edith. Good luck finding just the right tripod. I have an "antique" one, but not worth the effort to pay the UPS store to package and ship it. And one of these days, I will need a tripod myself. Yes, learning how to use the dials/buttons/touchscreen on a camera is the hardest part.

  2. I have something small that would work. I'll bring it in a couple of weeks, if I remember. It is very cute!