Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Onset in 1926

       It seems kind of picky for the kids (okay, they're in their 60s but they're still The Kids) to suggest -- more than once -- that I might like to get a driving re-test.  First off, about the only time they get to critique my skills is after I've picked them up at the airport.  That runs less than 15 minutes, and half the time it's "that's okay, Mother I'll drive" anyhow. 
       When I asked Avi point-blank what he thought of my driving ability he said it was no worse than  ever.  Hmm.
       Taking tests can be interesting, though, and if I can explore the matter without alerting the Department of Motor Vehicles  -- more specifically their License Bureau -- wotthehell! 
        Lifespan, our local seniors agency, gave me a phone number to call and I've been offered a lengthy
 evaluation followed by a road test.  It starts with a lot of paperwork, including discharge papers from that recent hospitalization, the TIA thing.  There's a form to be signed by my doctor, and one for me to fill out.  That's what I wanted to show you.  At first I was sure I was in the wrong place.- I am to check one of these boxes for Current Diagnosis:  Learning Disability, Mental Health Condition, Seizure -- then I noticed the ailments were listed in alphabetical order, and Bingo! -- take a look at the very first one:

The form asks for Onset Date for each problem.
                                Okay --                  
                         February 27, 1926


  1. Tain't funny, McGee. Time to set aside the driver's license and call Uber. When my mother-in-law was in her fatal accident, she didn't run into anyone else by pulling into traffic when she didn't have the right of way, but permanently scarred the life of the young man in the pickup who couldn't avoid hitting her car, killing her instantly. Tough words, but you're tough enough to take them.

  2. I just hope my kids aren't reading your comment! As it happens, I'm just setting up a four-hour assessment at a rehabilitation agency (I'll bet they start with "Do you know what year it is?" but it ends with a road test), and I'll be in position to report on my driving ability before too long.