Sunday, October 14, 2012

86 Forever -- Huzzah!

Whew!  So here we are, safely on our own at  86andholding, , after that initial venture that left us blundering into someone else's blog and meditating on the belly fat problem.  You will agree, I trust, that 86 is a lot classier than 80 in a blog title anyhow.  86 has the merit of being truthful, at least until next February 27, and it has resonance -- If you have a friend in the restaurant business you can investigate its meaning.  Or-- You Can Look It Up.  That phrase is used so much these days that I decided to look up "you can look it up."  I had the impression it had something to do with baseball, and indeed it does.  Turns out it is the title of a James Thurber story about a baseball manager who hired a dwarf -- very difficult strike zone.  Evidently based on a true incident, which was just a brief stunt.  I forget the details, but you can look it up.

 Meanwhile, if you google 86, you'll learn that

86 is the 25th distinct semiprime and the 13th of the form (2.q).  The aliquot sum of  86 is 46 within the aliquot sequence (86, 46, 26, 16,9,4,3,1,0) 86 being  the 17th composite of the 3-aliquot tree.


  1. Congrats on moving over...did you ever hear from 80andholding???

  2. Bill Veeck hired the dwarf. Bill owned the Clevland Indians at the time. The dwarf batted once. Base on balls.
    Later on, as owner of the Chicago White Sox, the same man hired Chim Chimney Sweeps to be their official good luck chimney sweeps.
    It did not work out as well as the dwarf. This was the same year a game had to be forfeited by the White Sox because between games of a double header, a radio station conducting a "Disco Sucks" promotion blew up a huge pile of vinyl records and the ensuing riot rendered the field unplayable. This was after the chimney sweeps were fired.