Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who Ever Uses Up a Lipstick?

After my mother died I read through the little appointment book in her purse.  Chuckled tolerantly when I came across a note she’d recently made.  She’d evidently admired the lipstick someone was wearing and jotted down the name of it.  I had to smile – what difference would it make what shade of lipstick an 82-year-old woman was wearing?  So cute!

So now I’m four years older than she ever got to be and I’m worrying.  I have an ancient lipstick (20 years old? 30?), not only a good shade, but once in the morning lasts all day.  More or less.  But its little stub is almost worn away. And every time I try to buy a replacement it turns out to be glittery, or glistening, or in some other way highly inappropriate for an elderly lady.  I’ll have to shop again, but I’ve  just about given up going to Macy’s – too exhausting.  Maybe try the drug store just one more time?

And then last night it occurred to me to google the almost worn-away numbers on the bottom of that lipstick tube --I had to get out a magnifying glass -- lo and behold it came up on the screen!  One of the places offering it has the name "liquidators" in its web address but so what?  I ordered it in three different shades.  Some day when the kids liquidate this house they can chuckle over the assortment. At her age!  So cute!

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