Saturday, October 27, 2012

Take Your Choice

Woke in a hospital bed when my cardiologist came in to talk about the heart attack I’d had the night before.  So I asked:

“Did I bring it on because I haven’t given up eggs and butter?”

“One egg a week,” says he abruptly, and leaves.

In comes the cardiac surgeon who put in the stents.  He starts drawing on the white board, to show me where they’re located.

“Dr. W. says one egg a week,” I remark.

“Don’t pay any attention to what he says.”

So I don’t.


  1. Did you just have a heart attack?

  2. Edith, eat whatever you want. Being happy will prolong your life and if your favorite foods make you happy, eat away! (That advice is qualified if you are diabetic, unless you want your final moments on earth to be enjoyed in a cheese cake-induced coma.) Sorry to learn of your heart attack.