Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mystery: The Unpleasantness in the Big Drawer

As I no longer carry a purse, it’s been a while since I opened the big drawer in that Empire chest in the hall. Besides handbags and totes, that drawer’s the place where for many years I’ve stowed what I always thought was a secret stash of candy.

So I was startled, yesterday, to discover that someone had made a couple of contributions to my hoard. Somebody knows about it !  Everybody knows about it? At any rate, thanks -- I’ve been enjoying your little packets of M&Ms.

Not quite so delighted, though, with that half-empty sandwich bag of grapes.  It looks like the kind of pack someone might have bought in an airport.  There haven't been any visitors for a couple of months now, and I’d really like to know how long it was in there. 

As Nathan says – everybody shut your eyes, and whoever did it raise your hand.

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