Monday, January 21, 2013

and about that VCR

With what affection I look back to that first VCR!  (What did those letters stand for?  Video of course, and Recorder, but what was that "C"?) 
If you wanted to record a show, you turned it on and PRESSED A BUTTON.  There was also a button for re-winding, and one for playing the tape. 
But what, I hear you ask, if you wanted to record something that wouldn't come on till you were out of the house?  Simple, you just left the tv broadcasting the right channel, and pushed another button that changed the recording speed so the tape would run for -- here memory fails me -- was it six hours or eight hours?  Either way, your program would be in there somewhere when you got home.  And -- okay, I'm remembering now -- there was also a fast-forward button to help you find it. 
Counting the on-off button, that makes seven buttons.  Was it simply because I was younger that I remember learning how to do all this was VERY EASY? The older I get, the more often I remember son Avi's warning:

"Whenever you hear the words 'to serve you better' -- watch out!"


  1. The C was for "cassette".

    I should know. I still have one. And I still use it to tape shows!

  2. Also watch out for any website that starts with "My" as in "Mybankaccount"