Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Big Excitement

          One problem with living alone – there’s no use bursting in the door and yelling “you’ll never guess what happened!?”  But I’ve just got to share it with someone, so here goes--
          I went to the seniors luncheon today, and in the three Bingo games that always follow dessert, I WON THE SECOND GAME!!  How about that?         
           For my prize (yes, we have prizes!) I got a Hershey bar.  I did resolve, recently, not to buy any more chocolate bars, but that’s okay, because you’ll notice I didn't buy it.
And after having finished a perfectly good lunch, once I got in the car I opened it up and before I got to Wegman’s, I’d eaten the whole thing.  210 calories. 
 Full disclosure, I’d also been listening to a library book on the car’s CD--“Joseph Anton”, Salmon Rushdie’s account of his years in hiding.  Yes, I was doing two other things while driving.  Good thing I wasn’t pulled over.  But I knew I wouldn't be -- this is obviously my lucky day.
    I should really go out and buy a lottery ticket!!


  1. well actually it feels like you burst through the door with this news, and i for one and glad you enjoyed your not bought choclate bar. Full disclosure - i saw a peanut butter snickers bar at the grocery store last night and couldnt resist buying one, as i had never seen such an animal before. it is actually two little squares. i cut one of them into two triangles, and persuaded aaron to eat the larger triangle. so my two bites felt virtuous and were yummy. and there is still another square left!

  2. Re: your penultimate paragraph, I can just see the headline in the Rochester D&C now: "Real Estate Columnist Arrested for Eating Hershey Bar and Listening to Book on CD While Driving."

    But seriously, congratulations on your win. And everyone knows that the calories in a prize chocolate bar don't count.