Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Classified Ads Long Gone

When I’ve run through the rest of the morning paper, always including the obituaries, I’ve been known to end up reading the classified ads.  Anything to put off getting up.  And there’s lots of sociology in both places, though I didn’t know enough to call it that when I was a child.  I still remember wondering why – in the 1930s -- some “Help Wanted—Male”  ads in the Boston Globe  included the words “No Irish need apply.”  We won’t see that again in a hurry.
We won’t see many of the ads that used to make the “Personals” so fascinating either.  These days people searching for birth families or old loves are busy google-ing.  People searching for new loves are on the Internet typing in all kinds of lies.  And someone who’s moving will probably put the frig up for sale on Craig’s List.
It’s nice to see, though, that newspapers still seem to have plenty of classifieds in two categories – automobiles and pets.  Though come to think of it, there’s one ad under “Pets” that I haven’t seen for many years now –
“Free to good home, adorable kittens.”
Nothing is the same any more -- so do cats actually cost money now?


  1. Adopting a cat at the SPCA will cost you at least $150. And few cute kitten ads are few and far between. I remember when we were really desperate my mom used to drive down to the Grand Union parking lot with the kittens in a box and put down the tailgate and put up the "Free Cute Kittens" sign. She felt badly about doing it, I know, but we already had 5 cats! CMS

  2. If I remember right, Anna may have taken some of our kittens to school in a basket...?