Saturday, February 9, 2013

Isolated Snowbound Old Lady

Storm Nemo Report
One way of looking at this:  old lady lives alone, snow-bound and isolated, all her children and grandchildren hundreds or even thousands of miles away.  Scary situation, and lonely.  It’s past noon and she hasn’t even got dressed yet.  Unhealthy.
Or: let’s look at it this way: it’s past noon and I haven’t even got dressed yet because I made the mistake of coming out to sit down at the computer.  Skyped with grandchild in the Midwest, who is doing extremely well indeed, caught up on all fronts – satisfying work, good health, good spirits, good cat, everything a grandmother could wish.
Then before I had time to go and get dressed (which I’m beginning to think may be unnecessary anyhow) skype from Manhattan with daughter, rest of her family still asleep so nice long uninterrupted chat complete with cameras out our windows to compare snowfalls.
Then before I had time to go and dress (which I’ve just decided is definitely out of the question for today and maybe for tomorrow – it’s still snowing) skype from friend in California whose five-year-old got on and started quizzing me with flash cards (well, okay, with an new app) to see if I could identify birds from pictures and bird calls.
After which friend showed me how to use skype to view each other’s power-point presentations.  Mine’s on Jane Austen, his is on declining newspaper revenue from classified advertising.  Depressing to see the point at which the blue line on that last chart goes below zero and that’s the end of newspapers.
This is the same friend – if you were reading this blog last October – who told me not to bother showing his little boys how newspapers carry my picture at the head of the column because his kids don’t even know what newspapers are.

So if I ever break down and buy a notebook computer (or I guess these days it's a tablet) you'll read:
"Isolated snowbound old lady never even needs to get out of bed at all."  Definitely unhealthy.


  1. I think superbly healthy. Of course, I'm not yet dressed, myself.

  2. this is one of my very favorite entries.

  3. What a great outlook you have. Some days I wonder why I ever bothered to get dressed too. :)